November 15

We didn't do our gratefulness last night. Orlando was terribly overtired and it seemed best to just snuggle down and get to sleep, so that is what we did.

In any case, I have been wanting to write about how grateful I am for our gratefulness journal. (I know, it's getting kinda meta-, not to mention sappy, around here.)

But, here goes.

I am grateful for our gratefulness journal because:

  • Orlando and I get to cuddle, and spend time just the two of us.

  • I learn about how Orlando perceives things, what he cares about, and what "sticks".

  • Orlando sees me writing with pen and paper, not the computer (for once).

  • I have been able to watch Orlando's desire to write come about organically. I've seen his interest and ability grow exponentially this month! He wants to write because I am writing, and has been drawing pictures and for the first time, his "letters." He asks me to write all our names and letters on the page. He even spontaneously traced the letters of a word I had written down! To be clear... what makes me happy is watching his desire to write arise organically (not that he is writing). Yay, unschooling!

  • It has become a ritual that provides us with a sense of equilibrium and fulfillment.

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