November 21

Today, I am grateful for...

  • The sun shining on me as I lay on the bed, nursing Mica with Orlando jumping all around, having just hung up the phone with my friend Kiersten because Mica was so tired he could barely crawl anymore and he fell forward and bumped his head and was crying, and I was crying, but before all that happened, that is why I called my friend Kiersten, because what do you do? What do you do when you don't know what to do? When you can't do it, really, honestly, truly, you can't be a mother today. It's not because the kids are going crazy. It's because of something inside of you, something is locked up inside today, and you look at your kids, and you want them to go away, you know you are not a good mother today, and then you know that you don't have any back-up plan, at all, and that you have to do this anyway, but you can't, not quite yet, so you sit on the floor crying, and then you call your friend Kiersten, and then your younger son hurts himself, and you need to go, you need to nurse him, and you lie there, nursing him, while Orlando jumps all around, and the sun shines on you. It's warm and bright.
  • Kiersten.
  • Goldenseal -- potent and pungent powder that colors the bath and cures my son's infected penis (we hope).
  • Spaghetti noodles made from rice. That taste good!
  • Time on our own as a family.
  • Rom.

Orlando is grateful for...
  • Playing with L., doing puzzles.
  • you (me).
  • Papa!

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