December 14

Today, I am grateful for...

We've been here visiting my folks for a week, and it is a treat to be together and to share food together. We eat mostly organic at home, and I am not eating dairy or gluten as I fight the recurrence of a sinus infection. I feel sad, sometimes, that the sharing of food cannot be more spontaneous, and that I can't eat what my mom might cook as a matter of course. I try to remain gracious and welcoming of whatever food we share. Honoring the spirit of what is given, no matter the actual item of the gift.

That said, I have a newfound appreciation for how easy it is for us to find and support organic and local food in our hometown, Seattle. I am also grateful for the places we've found here to buy and share healthy and organic food with my parents.

I am grateful for all the special, old ornaments my mom has saved so we can put them on the tree. Some of the ornaments are from my great grandmother. Most are from our childhood -- the lopsided papier mache apple made by my brother, the dough angels made by me, and the paper santa by my sister. I love that the tree has all different types of ornaments and tells a story of our family.

Fresh air
I am grateful that we got in and out of the mall in under one hour, and purchased all the gifts we wanted to, and even got some socks for the kids, all WHILE WE WERE WITH BOTH KIDS. I am grateful that there is open, silent, fresh air in the world. That there are places without merchandise or music or sales or mousse. I am grateful that I spend most of time in fresh, open, non-mall air.

I am grateful for loving-kindness meditation. I am grateful, and hopeful, that I can be peaceful and ease, and full of loving-kindness so that my children can embody this sense of deep and abiding love and respect for themselves and others.

The temple bell
stops ringing
but the sound keeps
out of the flowers.

-- Basho

Orlando is grateful for...
  • going to the restaurant with Grammy and Grandpa and then going to the grocery store and the man who was so nice to me and talked to me and gave me stickers.
  • for saying stinky-head and broccoli-head (ahem).
  • for my new socks and shoes. They are comfy!
  • and Mica's new sweater and my new sweater.

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