January 15

Today, I am grateful for...

Our house.
Our housemates moved out, three months after the day by which we originally asked them to. It got really hard at the end, and we were so ready to have our space back. I have spent three days walking around and organizing and cleaning and reclaiming... There was (is) so much to do -- things were so overwhelming that I hadn't even been taking care of my plants. It was so renewing to spend time cleaning and grooming them, and giving them water and care once again.

It seems so odd to think that I couldn't water my plants while we waited for our housemates to move out, but I now realize that it was true.

Getting out of the house.
After three days of cleaning, we needed to get outside! The kids and I had a great walk around the neighborhood in the late afternoon. Mica asleep in the carrier and Orlando standing on the back of the stroller. We saw the beginning of the sunset.

Clean windows.
My friend Laura came over for breakfast and was inspired to clean our windows. Wow! So I made the french toast and she cleared the panes.

I really like this woman's art: Geninne's Art Blog. I feel happy.

All-wheel drive.
It snowed while I was getting my acupuncture treatment. I grew up in Alaska, I know. But I still hate driving in the snow. I am happy to report that Babe the Blue Ox (our blue Subaru) did me right!

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