February 12

Today, I am grateful for...
  • that the first thing I heard this morning was Orlando saying "I love you" to Mica
  • lying on the floor while Mica gave me raspberries on my belly, then Orlando came and gave me raspberries, and I kissed Orlando and then Mica puckered up and gave me a big ole kiss all while smacking his lips
  • getting the kids' new rain pants from Puddle Gear. Too cute! Super well-made too.
  • talking to Wendi two days in a row.
  • being wide awake at 10 PM for two days in a row and realizing that I need to drink my licorice tea earlier in the day.
  • goat brie cheese and smoked turkey
  • gluten-free pancakes with blueberries
  • Mary's Gone Crackers (also gluten-free)
  • thai take-out leftovers
  • chocolate-covered almonds
  • (wow, it's been a good food day!)

Orlando is grateful for...

  • going to the grocery store
  • reading Pinduli by Janell Cannon
  • eating chocolate covered almonds

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