February 17

Today, Orlando is grateful for...

  • playing with L.
  • playing in the sandbox
  • doing explorers (basically, just climbing all over the yard)
  • reading books with R. and snuggling with her
  • L. petting Felipe and everything
  • for eating a bedtime snack and Mama sitting close to me
  • I've even grateful for just sitting here
  • for our new gratefulness journal (me too)
  • taking a bath and playing with Mica in the bathtub

I am grateful for...

  • Chili! a great recipe from Debbie
  • our walk this morning and taking the time to become centered
  • apologizing to Orlando and hearing him say, "I am still disappointed that that happened."
  • the chance to begin again
  • Rom going snowboarding with his friends
  • cuddle time and reading books and nursing after breakfast
  • L being gentle and proud with Felipe
  • seeing Orlando enjoying snuggling with R
  • the sun shining in our windows
  • the sandbox from Grammy and Grandpa
  • Mica kissing! Especially Papa.
  • molasses
  • our new gratefulness journal (we finished our other book)

Rom is grateful for...

  • going snowboarding
  • seeing my family when I came home
  • dinner that Mama made
  • my two boys, for being here in our lives

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