February 2

Today, I am grateful for...
  • Rom asking for an hour of alone time. May everyone be able to determine their needs and ask for them in gentle ways.
  • a cabinet door again, one year later after it fell off! (Do you believe it?)
  • saying hello (connecting) to the mom at clay class who frightens me because she berates her child during class time. May all beings be free from suffering and from taking hurtful actions.
  • a walk with Laura. May all women have at least one long, durable, multifaceted friendship.
  • trees, the lake, birds, that I live somewhere I find so beautiful. May all beings fully experience the beauty of this world.

Orlando is grateful for...

  • wrestling Mica.
  • riding my bike.
  • eating.
  • going to clay class.
  • I am excited to sleep with my seal that Grandpa gave me.
  • working things out easily with Papa (after I threw that thing at him).
  • lying on mama right now, being so cuddly.

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