February 21

Stacy is grateful for...
  • having the kids' room -- we've created such a nice space to relax, be together, and play. I really enjoyed being there today with both kids.
  • every day I am grateful that I am no longer sick like I was this summer, but being sick these last two days (the flu!) has really given me a deeper appreciation for being an almost fully functioning person these last couple of months.
  • being warm in the sun
  • napping upstairs in the kids' room with Mica while Orlando played on his own
  • Rom helping us so much
  • Orlando telling me, many times, "I am sorry you are sick, Mama"
  • a shower
  • meditating
  • Orlando getting two bowls of water for his water colors and getting the paper on his own
  • the painting Orlando made me!
  • Rom telling us he had a good review at work
Orlando is grateful for...
  • playing spaceship
  • I love that I made you that painting. Because I really wanted to make you something. I didn't make you something for a long, long time.
  • I love you. That is it.

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