June 9, 2008

Orlando is grateful for...
  • sitting next to mama, eating popcorn
  • that the rain and the wind didn't even bother me. I was really wet but I didn't mind.
  • looking at the earthworms with Mica.

Rom is grateful for...

  • having work.
  • the project I am working on right now.
  • Stacy's essay being published. I was really touched reading it. (It's about our trip to the Philippines to see Rom's family)
  • coming home from work and seeing my kids and wife.

Stacy is grateful for...

seeing Orlando on the high trapeze at circus class.
he was so proud of himself he jumped up and down three times.

having a good day with the kids.
I really enjoyed my time talking and playing with Orlando, and cuddling with Mica.

mica talking.
the other day while Orlando was playing with some lego train pieces, Mica pointed and said, "Choo choo! Choo choo!"

menu planning.
we're on week 2! So far, it's been great -- we're eating well, have lots of leftovers for snacks and lunch, and have almost everything on hand when we need it.

It is 50 degrees, raining, and blowing. The lights just flashed off and then back on (thank goodness). Rom and I have been wondering all night when the power would go out.

When the power goes out here, it goes out for days. It's some weird fluke that affects just our neighborhood.

For days.

I am grateful that is not November. Or February.

I am grateful the lights are still on.

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