July 25, 2008

Today, I am grateful for...

rearranging our house
I love the movement of energy and the sense of freshness that comes after we move furniture around. And I am so excited to have set up the kids' room up with their own bed and mama and papa's room with our own bed.

cooking on the grill in the summer...
The bounty of vegetables and delicious food, and that Rom does all the cooking!

being on the "up-swing"
After a bit of a down-time, I am feeling more hopeful and energized (though I am almost always still feeling overwhelmed... I'm working on it, both emotionally and logistically)

being born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska
Though I had my angsty moments, I am mostly just amazed and grateful that I grew up in such a physically beautiful and unique place in the world. I am grateful for the small-town feel of knowing everyone and to the power of shared experience. Which is why, twenty years later, at my high-school reunion, it truly felt like no time had passed. How is that possible?

Orlando is grateful for...
  • the little toy knights that Grammy and Grandpa gave him. He is so busy playing, he can't stop and do gratefulness journal!

Rom is grateful for...
  • Carol (hakomi therapy)
  • my honey-bunny
  • my family
  • the sun... bringing us sunshine
  • for our new room!

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