July 31, 2008

Today, I am grateful for...

our house...
I've been falling in love with it again... This week, I've been finishing up the rearranging, reorganizing and cleaning. I love the kids' room and sleeping in Mama and Papa's room, and the downstairs now has space for two kids' tables, and the boys spend time writing, coloring, painting, and playing there.

I have been feeling so much better since beginning N.A.E.T. treatments a month ago. I can just feel a vitality inside that I haven't felt for a long while.

nice people
The nice person at the bank who helped me and waived some of the WAY TOO MANY overdraft charges received due to my own error. Thank you!

Ever since we almost moved but then didn't, I have been thinking, very vaguely, of putting together a block party but feeling like it would be too much work. And then, voila! my two nearest neighbors just handed out flyers for a block party next week! Yay, universe!

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