May 6, 2009

Stacy is grateful for...
  • noticing that I was so antsy the other day and unable to sit still and play with Orlando
  • noticing that loudness can overwhelm me, and realizing that I can plug my ears or breathe deeply before talking, and then not react so quickly
  • learning why loudness overwhelms me, and healing from that, bit by bit
  • the grace of forgiveness (from Orlando especially)
  • the gift of realizing, really and truly (at least for one instant) that all beings truly do have their own karma, and that my children have theirs distinct from me, and that I have mine distinct from my parents
  • knowing that the seeds of anger are sown in me and that I can choose to stop planting them, watering them, encouraging them to grow
  • knowing that the seeds of mindfulness are sown in me and that I can choose to plant them, water them, encourage them to grow
  • being on the cusp of truly, actually believing (not thinking) that mistakes are gifts
  • my parents
  • my children
  • my spouse
  • my self

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