October 12, 2011

Today I am grateful for:
  • Seattle radical unschooling chat -- talking online with moms and dads I know in real life about this path
  • chocolate, specifically Taza stone-ground dark chocolate bar -- a life-saver for me today when I am feeling so very tired (from staying up late to chat with Seattle radical unschoolers :)
  • my body and its exquisite messages, some of which were hard for me to take today but that mark a need, a deep need, to respond, to change, to grow
  • a beautiful fall day, two kids bouncing and bounding through the arboretum amid so many greens, reds, pink, and yellow. purple.
  • watching the pond fill up, and the boys as they tie a rope to a tire and toss it into the water, attempt to expand the bridge, roll up their pants to walk in the water in the name of teamwork, urge each other on... the big ones helping the little ones
  • talking to Orlando about Perseus (we've been reading this book) -- him asking me what words mean, to explain metaphors, why Andromeda would choose Perseus over Agenor and more...

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