December 10

Today, I am grateful for...
  • being alive.
  • Rom's MacGyver-like papa prowess in keeping a very tired, very squirrelly Mica engaged with just an empty water bottle and a crayon during our long plane ride.
  • my mom and dad -- we just arrived for a two-week visit!
  • traveling with Rom, connecting with him and working so well together.
  • safety. Not sure why, but this one kept coming up, so I'm including it. I suppose because we just flew in an airplane, but also because I have been thinking about this in general as a core value in our daily lives. Safety from physical harm (being hit or scratched by other kids), from emotional harm; living in a clean house, eating healthy food; being safe.
Orlando is grateful for...
  • Mica!
  • hugging and hugging my seal that Grandpa gave me. It's so cute! It's just the right size to hold. It's so nice and cozy.
  • playing with Grammy.
  • Papa keeping Mica entertained so I can play my own games and do the stuff I want to do.

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