December 11

Today, I am grateful for...
  • reading a good book while Mica napped and Grammy played with Orlando.
  • seeing Grandma Dona.
  • walking Mica to sleep.
  • my mom cooking us all dinner.
Orlando is grateful for...
  • reading books with Grammy.
  • doing a little bit of stickers with Grammy (and saving the rest for tomorrow since it was bedtime).
  • how cute my seal is, and that Grandpa gave me this seal. I like to lie down and hold it.
  • pretending I have one hand and one wing so I can hold my seal with my hand and flap the wing one in the air.
  • getting my new toothpaste and unwrapping it by mine own. I would be really sad if I didn't do it on mine own.
  • for pretending my seal is real and that I am riding on it in the ocean.
  • seeing Grandma Dona!
  • for lying down on my seal and being in this room and jumping up and down on this bed.
  • for pretending there is a witch over there and going "ah!" and she is saying "I want to eat a kid or a grown-up but I can't even find one because they're over there!"

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