December 16

Today, I am grateful for...

our date
Rom and I went on a date! My parents babysat the kids and we ran out and spent some together. Holding hands, talking. Being together.

I am so grateful that water is so abundant in our lives. Clean, cool water.

I have been nursing for so long, it seems, that those moments of pure connection and awareness of my nursing relationship are rare. I am grateful when I take the time to recognize the connection that Mica and I have through nursing.

I am grateful that we have an abundance of food and that we are all together right now, sharing meals.

I am grateful for the times when I am able to balance my mothering of two children, when I feel like I have more than enough for each child, when I am able to connect to each child individually, and when we are able to share moments all three together.

* * *

Orlando is grateful for...
  • sending letters to Maggie and Ralphie (his cousins)
  • watching TV with Grandpa
  • playing with Grammy
  • being with Grandpa
  • sleeping with my seal

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