December 18

Today, I am grateful for...

This one has been coming up a lot. I suppose I am trying to say that I feel so grateful that I learned about meditation, and that it is something that brings me peace and cleansing. What if I had never learned of it? What sort of emotional state would I be in? What kind of mother would I be? It feels so right; like meditating came to me at just the right time in my life.

I am grateful that I am healthy again, and that I have knowledge of how food affects my body and moods, and that I have the means to feed myself in ways that help me maintain my health.

Just sitting with my mom, each of us in our own chair, facing each other, talking.

My first night of sleep on this visit without fully waking up and staying awake for over an hour. (Thank you, Mica!)

How amazing that Rom and I found each other; that I met and married a person I have full faith in. Plus, he's really cute.

* * *

Orlando is grateful for...
  • reading "Bedtime Stories" (book from Grandma Dona)
  • seeing that silly candy cane ornament on the tree!
  • putting together the light-up snowman with Grandpa
  • playing miniature golf with Grandpa and Papa
  • for being in the hippo's mouth and riding on the lion's back.

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