December 21

Today, I am grateful for...
  • the sun, the moon, the night, the light. Happy Solstice!
  • the chance to clean-up after the delicious dinner cooked by my mother.
  • sitting in the car together with Rom while the kids napped in their carseats.
  • a very mellow Christmas day spent together (we had our Christmas yesterday since we will be back in Seattle on the 25th).
  • the joy that sharing Christmas with children brings... that the silk scarves we gave to the kids became capes worn by every family member throughout the day, that Orlando spent time with each gift, exploring and experiencing it before moving on, that Mica loves the sound of wrapping paper more than the "things" inside...

Orlando is grateful for...
  • me too! the sun, the moon, the night, the light.
  • me too! a delicious meal by grammy.
  • me too! a mellow Christmas.
  • reading our book together.
  • opening my presents all by mine own.

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