December 27

Today, I am grateful for...

The good health of everyone in my family... for Orlando's fever as his body protects itself from the virus or bacteria that is inside right now.

Two boys
I was reading The Color Kittens to Orlando and I just had this great sense of happiness for the fact that I have TWO children. TWO boys. I am grateful that our family is forever changed because of Mica's presence.

I am grateful for the time I spend just with Orlando while Mica is napping, and I am grateful for the time we spend all together, with Mica crawling over us and Orlando talking about how "cute" Mica is.

Peace Without
I am grateful for the peaceful feeling in our home today, as it was just Orlando, Mica, and I together. (Our housemates are out of town.) We had our own rhythms and everything felt so amazingly relaxed and open.

Peace Within
I am grateful that I did not take any angry actions today. I did not speak in impatience or move quickly or demand for anything to stop.

* * *
Orlando is grateful for...
  • my healthy body.
  • that I came back to life a little bit (after taking a nap his fever was lower).
  • laughing when we were going downstairs, when I was piggyback on you and you were holding Mica.
  • that I'm good to myself.
  • me too, that I didn't take any angry actions, except for the time I hit Mica with the golf club, but not too hard, because I asked him and asked him where the Owl Babies book was and he didn't tell me.
  • the Owl Babies book. It's so funny, isn't it?
  • my new dinosaurs. I want to show the new dinosaurs to Spiny. Spiny is called Spiny because has a big spine on his back. I am grateful for Spiny.

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