January 26

Pema Chodron, via Nona at Everyday Yogini has expanded the practice of gratitude to include lovingkindess.

I am so inspired by this idea that I started including it in my journal.

Today, I am grateful for...

  • Mica's cold. May all children experience the power of their immunity.
  • sleep. May all parents enjoy a good rest every once in a while (let's be realistic!).
  • circus class. May all children have the chance to experience new things, learn about themselves, and have fun.
  • the intense conversation I had with my husband. May all couples have the chance and ability to connect and come to understand one another.
  • my desire to know and learn peace. May all beings come to understand the practice of kindness.

Orlando is grateful for...

  • Mica wrestling on me.
  • Clay class -- rubbing the clay.

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