January 27

Today, I am grateful for...
  • time together with Mica. May all mothers have the opportunity to enjoy their children. May I always take every opportunity to enjoy each of my children.
  • talking to my friend H. on the phone for two hours. May all people experience at least one enduring friendship (we're going on twenty years!).
  • a walk in the cold sunshine. May all people experience freedom of movement.
  • om dum durgayei namaha. May all beings experience peace of mind.
  • sleeping in with Orlando. May mothers of small children have restful mornings.
Orlando is grateful for...
  • going sledding with Audrey and Papa and Audrey's papa in the mountains.
Then Orlando said, "I'm just not really into gratefulness journal right now," as he furiously drew pictures of the sledding hill, a smiley-faced sunshine, a racing car in his own journal.

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