March 11

Orlando is grateful for...
  • our walk in the windy, windy day
  • eating cereal
  • reading books and playing dinosaurs with you
  • helping do all the things in the house, sweeping, folding clothes, doing the washing machine

Stacy is grateful for...

  • talking to my mom on the phone
  • talking to Joy and her continued offers to help
  • doctors who are nice and thorough
  • eating yummy salmon
  • chocolate covered almonds. I might not survive the day without them.
  • talking to Wendi on the phone
  • having some time to write
  • Orlando running around with a drum on his head telling me he is a monster
  • Mica nursing and then popping off and making the sign for nurse (finally! after weeks of him trying to get it right... he always signed "more" instead and then looked confused)
  • Wendi babysitting the boys while I do some self-care appointments!

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