March 10

Stacy is grateful for...

  • seeing Rom's smiling face when I picked him up at the mechanic's
  • going for our walk in the woods this morning and finding all the stinging nettles and looking at the muddy creek, just walking along with Orlando as he talked to me and held my hand
  • eating a big plate of chicken adobo for lunch. Yum!
  • watching the kids gobble up their mango ice cream. They like it so much!
  • my sister being in Sun City with my parents right now
  • Hester calling me this afternoon, having the chance to catch up with her and connect
  • Joy offering her emotional support and professional expertise
  • Orlando being so absorbed in his own play for over an hour while I did some writing and Mica slept
  • the recent memory of such a nourishing and deep meditation, especially since I am so scatterbrained and tense lately that my meditation feels more like just sitting around right now
  • my meditation practice being what it is
  • being alive

Orlando is grateful for...

  • walking in the woods. I like running and looking at things.
  • playing with my airplane.
  • eating sushi
  • getting new jeans and running around the store
  • taking a bath with Mica
  • playing with you and playing hide and seek with the dinosaurs

1 comment:

Momo Fali said...

This is so great!! We do something each night at dinner where we tell each other the best and worst parts of our days, then talk about those things. But, to have these moments, in will be so happy to have this years from now!!