March 8 and 9

Orlando is grateful for...
  • being outside with Papa
  • playing spaceship with Papa
  • I loved doing those two things! I am grateful for that.
  • going to a restaurant for dinner
  • playing with Audrey at clay class and finishing my castle and making wizards and princesses and stuff
  • the yummy rice at the restaurant
  • having bally-balls (Children's DHA soft gels)
  • eating chicken adobo and having Ralphie and Felix and Uncle and Auntie at our house

Stacy is grateful for...

  • cleaning up the house together on Saturday after breakfast
  • having Ralph and Wendi and the kids over for dinner -- cooking delicious homemade things like chicken adobo and mushrooms and lots of roasted veggies
  • meditation and mindfulness, even though (or especially since) I am so distracted lately
  • making pancakes with Orlando and Mica yesterday
  • being outside in the yard together
  • Rom weeding almost the whole garden!
  • having time to do some writing while Mica napped
  • hearing all the birdsongs
  • seeing all the new growth and the blossoming trees
  • talking to my sister and my mom

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