March 13

Orlando is grateful for...

  • seeing the acrobats
  • playing with Amelie and Iska after the show
  • the delicious turkey sandwich that you made me
  • building amazing lego creations
  • taking a bath with Mica
  • playing upstairs with Papa

Stacy is grateful for...

  • Deb organizing our homeschooling trip to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats
  • watching Orlando sit on the edge of his seat and giving me wide-eyed smiles during the show
  • seeing old and new friends at the show
  • the drizzly and sunny day
  • watching Mica playing outside in his rain pants, splashing his hand in the water and holding it up to show me that it was wet
  • remembering that I had homemade chili in the freezer and thawing it for dinner. Voila!
  • Joy giving such encouraging and heartfelt words about my mom's situation
  • Mica calling me "ma-ma"!

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