March 14

Orlando is grateful for...
  • playing legos
  • I love circus class
  • playing at the playground with Audrey
  • eating sushi -- the tamago was my favorite
  • drinking a smoothie
  • taking a little rest in the car on the way home
  • eating a hot dog for dinner
  • bouncing my ball up and down
Stacy is grateful for...
  • spending some time with H and A
  • getting some pants that fit (thank goodness!)
  • buying my ticket to go and see my mom in Arizona
  • talking to Niki and Aunt Kathy
  • having H's Aunt Sherri unexpectedly pay for our lunch
  • Mica giving kisses to Papa
  • seeing Rom walk in the front door

Rom is grateful for...

  • my session with Carol
  • my family, always
  • my sister, for helping us with Ceil
  • our whole family -- the two families together
  • making lots of progress at work

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