March 15

Orlando is grateful for...
  • playing with Philip (Wendi's ten-year-old nephew)
  • the spinning game with all the kids and papa
  • painting in clay class. my princess is so pretty!
  • running around with A.
  • cleaning up the house together
  • playing spaceship with Papa and going on missions

Stacy is grateful for...

  • Orlando noticing the bird seed on the ground below our feeder -- the birds have finally found it!
  • pancakes and bacon for breakfast, being together in the morning
  • watching Mica eat blueberries and looking like a clown with a circle of purple around his mouth
  • Mica napping for three hours upstairs
  • talking to Laura
  • my date with Rom! talking and talking about our lives together and our dreams and plans
  • Ralph and Wendi watching the kids -- and Heidi and her kids being there, too! (Wendi's sister and her four kids)

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