March 17

Orlando is grateful for...
  • going to Peppi's Playground
  • taking a nap in the car
  • seeing Elizabeth and reading books. That was a funny book when that boy wanted to tell the dinosaur she was extinct. That was a silly book. And then they made friends. And then, that was it.
  • his new lion costume
  • getting up and eating breakfast
  • playing the three-headed and the two-headed dragon game, and then you turned into a three-headed dragon!
  • all my drawings, but I didn't like much of them. I wanted to make Godzilla but I couldn't!

Stacy is grateful for...

  • the new issue of The Sun magazine
  • my acupuncture appointment -- helping my low-level sinus infection (which has returned post-flu!) and helping me "metabolize" what is going on with my mom
  • eating spaghetti and red chard and beets for dinner
  • seeing Elizabeth and visiting Third Place Books in Shoreline for the first time. What a community-minded place!
  • holding a sleeping Mica in my lap

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