March 18

Orlando feels grateful for...

  • french toast with berries

  • playing MecaGodzilla-Tasmanian Devil-Lion

  • you telling me the story of Sapphira the dragon meeting the three-headed dragon Porcia and all the other creatures

  • making soup with all the herbs from the garden and saving it for tomorrow so I can put more ingredients inside (the soup is made of sand and herbs and twigs)

  • seeing Papa and playing and taking a bath

  • I'm grateful for doing gratefulness journal

  • banging the pan lids so loudly

Stacy feels grateful for...

  • listening to Orlando retelling Frog and Toad (a play he saw with Papa on Sunday). He was just coming forth with story after story and cracking himself up thinking about the characters.

  • seeing Rom come home and finding two pants-less boys on the back porch (I was cooking dinner).

  • talking to Frith on the phone and then dropping by to lend her some books and watching her interacting with the boys as they sat in the back of the car smiling at her

  • laughing with the woman behind us in line who was wearing her 8-month-old daughter. Orlando said, "We have to hide this chocolate from Mica," and surreptiously put it on the belt. I told her, "This is the difference between the first child and the second one -- the first one didn't know what chocolate was until he was three and the second one is a connoisseur."

  • nursing a naked Mica and kissing his wrinkly feet

  • getting kissed by Mica, which means he puts his face next to you and smacks his lips like he is eating something delicious

  • Mica coming to me when he bonked his head and giving me a full-body hug while wrapping his tiny little arm around my neck

  • thinking of my mother becoming well again, though as we told Orlando, she might feel worse before she feels better. I love you, Mom.

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