March 19 and 20

Stacy is grateful for...

  • spending the afternoon at Game Day -- having good conversations with the moms and watching Orlando enjoying himself
  • getting a new idea from another mom there about how to take care of your own anger (ringing your mindfulness bell)
  • playing with Orlando in the park on our own before my dr. appt
  • watching Orlando explore with his body and do more than he thought he could (on this climbing structure)
  • seeing a new doctor and feeling hopeful that I will really, finally get rid of whatever germies have taken over my right sinus and inner ear
  • feeling hopeful that my entire body will be back in balance
  • attending a meeting for South Seattle mindfulness folks -- getting to know people in the community and make personal connections.
  • meditating with other people -- it is always so powerful and then that night I always dream about meditating or mindfulness or connection or all of it, somehow

Orlando is grateful for...

  • I liked playing at Game Day
  • climbing the tree
  • playing with the other kids and not missing Game Day
  • for going to Bobbi
  • bringing those little (toy) animals home that Bobbi gived me

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