March 22

Stacy is grateful for...

  • the very helpful man named Rick at the East-West bookstore
  • all the peaceful music in the world
  • listening to Water right now (for my mom)
  • finding some good meditation and healing CDs for my mom
  • the new mindfulness bell I bought for our family. We decided that whenever we are feeling uncentered or overwhelmed or angry, you can ring the bell as a physical signal that you are taking care of yourself and your feelings. Ringing it helps bring a sense of calm (it is beautiful to hear) but also lets others know what is happening, so they might take a moment to reflect and send us -- and themselves -- loving kindess. (Phew!)
  • Orlando using the bell when he got frustrated when he and I were playing the alligator game. He ran right over, rang it, stayed there for a minute or two and then came back and announced, "I'm centered now!" He was so pleased about the whole experience. I almost cried!
  • brushing my teeth together with Orlando
  • eating yogurt for a snack last night! and looking forward to eating it again tonight!

Orlando is grateful for...

  • getting my haircut with Papa
  • french toast for breakfast
  • I'm also grateful for eating a bagel at Ballard Market, but I didn't really like the bagel so next time I will try a cookie
  • playing outside in the yard with Mica
  • playing "sell the pancakes, sell the milk, sell the pesto" I was playing sell everything! I was making things out of mud and I made a little sign called PC
  • playing with you when Mica was asleep
  • bath and spaceship with Papa
  • eating pizza and yogurt

Non-sequitur: Mica and me are half-Filipino and Papa is a real Filipino and you are from Alaska.

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