March 5

Today, I am grateful for...
  • My sister Nicolle
  • Talking to Kiersten on the phone
  • Talking to Laura
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • my Aunt Kathy calling me the other day
  • sunshine and the wonderful walk with my children today... Mica sleeping and Orlando exploring... smelling the lavender and the rosemary... watching the bright crocuses and daffodils and the crawling ants... holding hands crossing the street... chasing each other through the park... counting on our fingers...
  • Rom
  • take-out food because we need it sometimes
  • did I mention my sister Nicolle? I love her very much.

Orlando is grateful for...

  • playing sharky at the park with mama, and chasing each other
  • reading the book about all the animals in the back yard
  • pizza
  • going on missions with Papa, even though I only did one today, but I had a LONG, LONG bath

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