March 6

Today, I am grateful for...
  • Looking in the rearview mirror and seeing two sleeping boys. Watching their faces as they slept.
  • Seeing all the mountains today -- the Cascades, the Olympics, Rainier and Mt. Baker way off beyond the lake.
  • Shala, the naturalist on our "Tyke Hike" at Carkeek Park... she had a great way of connecting to the kids and of keeping their attention
  • Unexpectedly seeing some homeschooling friends at the Tyke Hike
  • Talking to my mom and my dad
  • Talking to Niki, Ralph, and Aunt Kathy
  • Rom taking the kids even though he was feeling really tired

Orlando is grateful for...

  • going to that park and making bird feeders
  • looking at the little worm and the big worm
  • looking at the mole hole
  • playing with those new boys -- chasing with sticks and playing "police"
  • having lunch at the PCC deli and having my cupcake!

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