April 18

Orlando is grateful for...
  • eating oatmeal and apples
  • going to circus class
  • eating ice cream
  • doing Cuddle Time
  • getting up in the morning
  • giving high-fives to Crystal (coach at Circus Class)

Stacy is grateful for...

  • giggling with Orlando on the couch this morning telling each other, "I love you THE MOST!"

  • giggling all over again when we told Rom the story

  • talking briefly with Kiersten

  • eating ice cream!

  • cuddling with Mica

  • feeling like my kids are just so cute and cuddly and wanting to eat them up

  • feeling so light-hearted these last couple of days

  • reading and posting on the Enjoy Parenting forums

  • cleaning up the kitchen table

  • the woman at the store who was nice and gave me her big cart b/c it's the only one that has a seat for kids (the rest of the carts are those new little ones, which are great but uh, honey, where should I put the kid?)

  • being alive

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