April 17

Today, I am grateful for...

  • being in the shower with my boys and just feeling so happy that I have two children and that they have each other.
  • watching Orlando stomping in the water and then watching Mica hop up and do the same and seeing them cracking each other up.
  • talking with Corey today and watching the kids play
  • having dinner with Rom and Mica and Orlando
  • sitting on the couch reading with Orlando while Mica slept
  • attending the South Seattle sitting group; feeling the power of a group of people, however small, who are dedicated and open to love and healing.
  • hearing this song called "I exist for love"
  • all the moments of joy I just spontaneously felt throughout the day... just really feeling it, you know?
  • getting our produce box and having lots of fresh fruit and veggies
  • looking at the two baby daffodils that Orlando picked for me with Dan and Lee's yard (with permission, even!). I remember bringing flowers to my mom from all the neighbors' yards.
  • sleep.... good night.

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