April 16

Stacy feels grateful for...

  • feeling warm in the car once the sun finally came out after our long, long morning at Homeschooling Game Day near the ocean where it is colder
  • Homeschooling Game Day -- getting to know the moms and dads and kids better
  • Holding Mica once he woke up from his two hour nap in the car
  • Being able to be a part of game day while Mica napped since we could park so close
  • Watching the kids pick tiny daisies and float them down the river
  • Helping our kids learn how to identify and express their feelings and work together to find solutions ("But I want to be red!")
  • Using our bocci ball set for the first time
  • Eating chocolate and turkey bacon and salmon with quinoa for snacks. Just eating! We were hungry.
  • meditating, knowing it is always an option
  • walking away yesterday when I felt so upset and sad about the curtains being ruined (I feel like our entire house is trashed, but worse, I feel helpless to do anything about it)
  • sharing a sensibility with the homeschool parents that brings me a sense of peace and well-being
  • eating yummy fried trout that Rom made
  • thinking about delicious yummy food like ice cream sundaes, even though there is nothing like to eat right now!
  • reading poetry books with Orlando and seeing how much he enjoys the rhythms of the words

Orlando is grateful for...

  • playing with Ajurae at game day.
  • I really liked going to game day. It was fun playing with Miles, too.
  • I liked playing bocci the best
  • putting boats in the river
  • eating my seaweed snack right now
  • drinking my soy milk now
  • eating more seaweed

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