April 15

Today, I am grateful for...
  • Mica's super-cute smiling face
  • talking to my mom and dad on the phone
  • having such good conversations with Rom the last two days about our dreams and hopes for the life we want to live and create together
  • walking in the woods today, listening and watching Orlando explore and play
  • feeling Mica asleep on my back in the ergo as we walked
  • eating salmon -- having lots of good food and snacks today
  • taking a shower with the boys today (after The Cereal Incident)
  • my multicolored (greens, turqoise, rusty-gold) silk scarf that keeps me warm and my woolen green hat
  • Orlando helping me fold clothes
  • eating sugar snap peas, fresh and crispy
  • listening to another long story about Hake and Mousie (Orlando's imaginary friends)
  • sleep....

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