April 13

Today, I am grateful for...

  • napping with the two boys (after waking up at 5:30 AM!)
  • going to my KM Buddhist Parenting group and feeling renewed
  • talking with Orlando and hearing his ideas about things
  • listening to Orlando's stories about his imaginary friend "Hake" who seems to do all those things that Orlando has just done or wishes he could do. Today, Orlando was too tired to clean up because he had been up all night cleaning with Hake. Or Hake just makes mischief all the day by going outside and putting dirt in Mica's food or jumping on top of the table.
  • being a part of Deb and Cecil's wedding last night... hearing their beautiful vows that they spoke almost in call and response, seeing old friends, watching all the little kids running around, watching the sun set, experiencing Deb and Cecil's thoughtful and creative preparations in the food, the ambience, their clothes, the music.
  • swing dancing with Rom -- having fun and laughing together.
  • seeing the Dalai Lama speak yesterday at the main Seeds of Compassion event! Being among tens of thousands of people who are inspired by the idea of seeds of compassion. I loved seeing the procession of the cultures (people from all over the region), and hearing the drums drumming and seeing one man down on the field in his indigenous headdress dance a spontaneous dance of respect and exuberance and press his forehead to the ground in front of the Dalai Lama as he dance came to close.
  • catching the bus to and from the presentation with plenty of time to enjoy ourselves and get home in time to dress for the wedding
  • receiving feedback from the editors at Brain, Child on the essay of mine that they are going to publish -- writing on and off all weekend.
  • being published! (the essay should be out this summer!!)

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