April 10

Orlando is grateful for...
  • most of this day I played!
  • eating cereal
  • playing with Liam
  • seeing Patrick at our class
  • playing with Myles
  • playing basketball
  • for Myles giving me those rocks -- one was gold, one was blue and two were green
  • eating honey rice cakes. The honey is soaked inside! Myles said it was invisible so I think it is. I can taste it.

Stacy is grateful for...
  • talking to my mom on the phone
  • taking an evening walk with Laura
  • having a peaceful morning
  • watching Orlando during his class today, trying so hard, getting frustrated, learning new techniques, trying again, having fun and feeling proud of himself
  • watching Orlando play with friends after class -- watching him make new friends
  • talking to A and M, two homeschool moms, feeling connected to them
  • learning about the rock club Orlando can join and hearing Rom's enthusiasm when I mentioned it to him
  • the helpful people at the bank
  • reading poems from Billy Collins aloud to Orlando as we sat together on the couch in the sun while Mica napped. Orlando asked for one poem after another.

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