April 7

Orlando is grateful for...
  • eating my muffins
  • eating my brie toast
  • being outside
  • going to the library
  • taking a bath
  • playing spaceship
  • making puzzles
  • and doing play-doh!
  • and reading the fire engine book with you
  • and I'm also grateful for making the play-dough with you
Stacy is grateful for..
  • making tons of zuchinni muffins this morning -- glad that the gluten-free/wheat-free flour I found worked out!
  • cleaning up the house as much as I could throughout the day
  • feeling balanced and generous and flexible with getting everyone's needs met
  • watching Orlando and Mica in the sandbox
  • listening to Mica say "bay-beh" while hugging his babydoll
  • seeing Mica's smiling face
  • Orlando treating Mica so big-brotherly, offering him bites of cheese, demonstrating using the little potty...
  • Rom taking the kids in the evenings (sanity)
  • making a dinner that Rom really liked... Filipino flavors!

1 comment:

Joyce said...

I came to read your Friday haiku, and ended up reading your gratitude journal. So nice. I enjoyed it. Thank you. :)