April 20

Orlando is grateful for...
  • Rain giving me the bouncy balloon
  • we goed to the party
  • having fun doing cuddle time
  • taking a nap on Papa's lap. At first, I didn't notice that I was asleep!
Stacy is grateful for...
  • seeing Rain and Sean and their new house!
  • being with the boys this morning while Rom was at work
  • cleaning up the house a little and getting Orlando's desk cleared
  • eating a yummy goat cheese and turkey salad
  • licorice tea
  • being alive
  • writing -- chewing bits of words and making them anew
  • the silk scarf Laura bought me in Thailand
  • finding my old glasses with the funky frames. I wear them and I feel cool. :-)
  • talking to my sister
  • Rom weeding our garden and yard
  • reading Little Bear with Orlando

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