April 21, 2008

Today, Stacy feels grateful for...

  • sitting on the couch nursing Mica and seeing his tiny ribs through his skin
  • Rom making dinner
  • getting all my packing done relatively quickly
  • Orlando hugging and kissing Mica and saying how cute he is
  • Mica napping after his tough morning
  • finding some nice shirts that actually reach the top of my pants. Five years and two kids later, what clothes of mine fit anymore? so I got new pants and they have this really low waist, I didn't know how low until I tried to wear a regular-length shirt with them and saw about three inches of my belly exposed between shirt hem and pant waist. Huh. So, anyway, now I'm covered, thanks.
  • my family -- Rom and the boys! Hearing them playing and laughing right now.
  • sleep. I need some.

Orlando is Mothra right now. Apparently, Mothra doesn't do gratefulness journals.

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