April 22, 2008

Today, I am grateful for...

being alive
Sometimes when I say this it feels rote, and then other times I feel all shiny and sparkly and overhwelmed with happiness. And sometimes on days like today, when I've been on an airplane, it takes on a subtly different tone: I survived.

the sun in Arizona is dazzling and hot.

my mom and dad
being here again feels good. It was so good to see my dad at the gate and then to have Mica recognize him and smile. And it was great to see my mom when we arrived and give her a hug.

flying and nice people
I've been so lucky these times I've flown alone with Mica -- many nice and helpful people who helped me get seated when Mica is a asleep or shared snacks and toys.

the extra big legos
Mica is a pro! and occupied.

Orlando is back home with Rom, so I will be doing the journal on my own this week!

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