April 23, 2008

Today, I am grateful for...

He is cute, creative and caring. He wears flip-flops around the house. He loves to work in the garden. The kids love him -- he is always making up imagination games and can turn anything in to a toy. He reads comic books and online forums for 3D artists. He wears his jeans baggy (but not super baggy). He listens to me, even when I go around and around in circles. He loves to snowboard, and he is really, really good at it. He is honest, introspective, and fun-loving. This is my impromtu ode to Rom!

Lying down
I like lying down... today I lied down with Mica in the middle of the day while he nursed and flipped-flopped and I felt my body sinking down in to the bed and I paid attention to breathing, to my stomach going up and down, to feeling relaxed.

Listening to them and feeling them in a new way lately -- it's as if they've moved from my head into my body.

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