April 29, 2008

Today, Orlando is grateful for...

  • cuddle time

  • playing with those other kids and making friends with them

  • running around

  • getting my new car seat

  • and now I'm grateful for going to bed

Stacy is grateful for...

sunny day socializing
meeting and talking to two other moms and their kids while having lunch outside at the cafe.

being with o
enjoying "cuddle time" this morning and reading and hanging out with him this afternoon while Mica slept.

that hair grows back
first, I burned Mica (something splashed out of the pan onto his forehead/between his eyes while I was at my mom and dad's house) and then I went and gave him a bad mullet haircut (so his bangs wouldn't stick in his wounds). And today he got his first "real" haircut. I don't think I was ready!

that the body heals... always
we got news that my mom's chemotherapy is really working and that the tumor has shrunk considerably. She's feeling really encouraged now!

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