April 30, 2008

Orlando is grateful for...
  • I loved going to the library
  • all the stuff we did today
  • Papa coming home
  • taking a really long shower and bath
  • playing monsters

Stacy is grateful for...

talking to Kiersten
even though my kids have total meltdowns because we talk for HOURS... it is always worth it!

I'm going crazy cleaning our disgustingly dirty home for the visit of my dear, dear friends Kiersten and her family and Hester and her family! I only have 24 days left. Seeing as each cleaning project means my kids are off in some other area of the house totally destroying it, I may be about 1/3 of the way finished by the time they arrive.

my almost five year old boy, Orlando
He is continually amazing me with how grown-up he sounds and acts and looks and how into monsters he is (!!) and how he wants to take care of Mica and how he tells me, "I really love you, Mama."

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