April 3

Orlando is grateful for...
  • going on the post office tour (with our homeschooling group)
  • having lunch at the cafe
  • playing with Liam at the park
  • me too! (sitting on the couch)
  • me too! (taking a shower)
  • me too! (Mica making signs)
Stacy is grateful for...
  • sitting on the couch with Orlando lying on top of me during our 4 PM slump :)
  • taking a shower/bath with two boys
  • for being home after a week away! Seeing Orlando and listening to his little voice.
  • being in Arizona with my mom and dad, and seeing Niki and Ralph, too.
  • watching Mica making signs and shaking his head
  • being home with Rom
  • saving money by doing our taxes this year (though I am so scared I have done them wrong)

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