April 5

Everyone's alseep... but me.

Stacy is grateful for...
  • the nap I had yesterday that seemed to bring me back into balance. Sleeping together with two boys.
  • Laura and Wendi for taking care of Orlando while I was gone
  • Rom -- of course! -- taking the most care of Orlando, and that they had a wonderful time together.
  • Mica's sweet little chubby face
  • Mica always bringing me a toy to include me in the game -- when he and Orlando are playing airplanes, he brings me one, saying "eh! eh! eh!"
  • feeling like a family... enjoying our togetherness
  • Rom working early in the morning on the weekends so we can still spend time together
  • sitting at the table last night, reading, and having a long chunk of time to myself
  • seeing glimpses of Orlando as the five-year-old he almost is
  • listening to the radio while Mica napped
  • visiting Orlando and Rom at their clay class, and hearing Orlando proudly say, "My mom is here!"
  • water. I love drinking water.

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