May 11, 2008

Orlando is grateful for...
  • Cuddle Time! I love cuddle time
  • working in the garden with Papa and seeing more pupa under the earth.

Stacy is grateful for...

snuggling in bed with Orlando, talking, and playing "guess the animal" game.
He gives clues like, "It's got black and white spots, it eats zebras, and it is a big cat."

being way healthier now than I was at this time last year
(though to tell you the truth I am a little bit paranoid of getting sick all over again)

my mom's impressive response to chemotherapy!
Her tumor shrunk to 1/3 its original size already.

Mica's resiliency.
Oh, I didn't tell you? I burned off his eyebrows when I was down in Arizona. Just kidding! I missed his eyebrows and gave him three little burns right between his eyes and on the bridge of his nose. I am totally sick to my stomach thinking about it, but I am grateful that it didn't affect his vision and that we didn't need to go to the emergency room. (The burns came from grease splattering out of the pan and while they were second-degree, they were so small that they healed almost that day). Since then he has chipped his front tooth on a bronze sculpture and fallen down the back steps. But those were on Rom's watch.

time to myself on Saturdays...
while Rom and Orlando are at clay class and Mica is napping.

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