November 1, 2011

today, i am grateful for...

:: crisp sunshine

:: friends with whom we can really be ourselves

:: helping Orlando modulate his energy... talking to him beforehand, brainstorming ideas, and then him spontaneously doing one of them (running around getting his ya-yas out away from the other kids when he felt "pokey")... and me helping him later, holding hands and running together and spinning and laughing, and feeling like, "yes, this is working!" working meaning it feels good

:: delicious simple dinner with Rom

:: waking up in bed, and then one kid after the other coming in to join me in a big, cozy pile

:: presence... being with Mica when he was upset, not wanting Orlando next to him, wanting to wear shoes not boots (once we already arrived at our destination)

:: meditating... persisting in sitting even though i am literally doing nothing but thinking almost the whole time... allowing that, accepting that, noticing that

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